Friday, August 3, 2007

Early Birthday Presents

Tommorow is my birthday and I have already received two cool presents (one was something I bought with birthday money). I bought the food dehydrator as stated in an earlier post and today I went with my Dad to Fry's, where he bought me a 30 GB external hard drive. I am so pumped. I am drying cherries in the dehydrator right now (they will not longer be pumped) and I moved all my photos, layouts and scrapbook stuff to my new drive. It freed up so much room on my computer.

We are going to the beach tommorow and I told David that as part of my Birthday celebration - he gets temper tantrum duty. (Liam's not mine) If Liam flips out and does not want to do what we are planning on doing, David can sit with him in the car while Christian, Kaori (our exchange student) and I go have fun. If Christian has more kelp issues like he did in Bandon, David can keep him up on the clean sand if we want to do look at tide pools.

This afternoon, I let Christian feed the bad cherries to the Turkey and Chickens. They all get along well, but when the fresh fruit gets tossed it is every bird for him/herself. I also shook the plum tree to get some plums down and when the turkey heard the thumps, he came running.

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