Thursday, August 21, 2008

back to doctor

I go back to the doctor this morning to check my finger. If she is happy with it, they will pull the IV line and put me back on oral antibiotics. If she is not happy with the finger, I get to go to another clinic, get the line pulled and get an hour long procedure involving an ultrasound to find a good vein in my upper arm to continue IV meds through the weekend.
The finger is looking better and I can tell I am feeling better overall, so I am hoping and praying they will pull the line.
Someone asked in the comments how this whole adventure began. A few weks ago, my finger was swollen. I assumed it was a sliver. I cut my nail down, wiped the finger down with an alcohol pad and tried to dig the sliver out. I now think it was a form of excema not a sliver. I have a similar sore/rash on my adjacent finger. Opening the thing up allowed the germs to get in and the rest is history.
I also have this rash on the lower part of my infected finger and I figured out that the red spots are where the needle went in last week. The 100 + degree heat and the tape upset the entry points. The raging infection a few inches away probably did not help.
David has been taking the boys out in the mornings this week so I can rest. Yesturday he took them to a coffee shop for hot cocoa. They had ding dongs there and David got each boy a ding dong. This was their first. Christian was telling me about it in the afternoon and he described them as these round things with dried chocolate on the outside, brown cookies on the inside and some white stuff. It is not whipped cream, but it tasted good. It is funny hearing something that was so familiar to me as a child in such foreign terms.
I remember getting a Ding Dong in my lunch was a huge treat. Some kids got them every day, but I only got them once in a while. I guess they were special for me and I was not loading up on sugar.
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Bev said...

I hope everything goes well! I just love how children describe things!

Dawn said...

Hope your finger is better and they are able to pull the line. I loved how he described the ding dong! And yep, it was a treat for me also when I was a kid.