Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more finger problems

The swelling was not going down in my finger and I was getting excema from bandaging. I rode my bike to the doctors yesturday and she said she thought the infection had gone into the bone. I had to ride home, get the car, go pick up David from work and drive to urgent care to get IV anti-biotics. They left the lock for the IV in and a home nurse to show me how to use the IV three times a day at home. The box of supplies an medications just arrived. The pain is down in my finger this morning. I have not changed the dressing to see if the swelling is down.
Needless to say, I am stocked up on pro-biotics and will be eating a lot of yougurt this week. After this infection is gone, I do not want side effects from them for months to come.
I need to stay close to home until the doctor says the infection clearing up and I should avoid cooking for the kids, plus it is hard to do too much with the IV lock in. I can work on the computer, so I should get some layouts done the next couple of days. I had a large batch of pod-casts download yestyrday, so I have plenty to listen to during IV treatments.
Here is a layout I did yesturday

kit: Harvest Moon by Jennifer Barrette, Alpha: Scribbled Alpha by Juno Designs


Jane said...

Ouch! Sure hope the antibiotics do the trick and you heal up quickly!

Tammy said...

oh girl!!! That can not be much fun. Upside, you don't have to cook and you can scrap. Downside.....GROSS!!!!!!!!!