Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to the world of the bathed

Last week when I went to the Doctor and they cut my nail back and put me on antibiotics I asked them if I could take a bath. They said no, I need to shower. I was put out by the idea of just showering. I love a long warm bath after a hard day. I was put out by the shower all weekend and even that was hard since my finger was in such nasty shape. After they put the IV in, they said that even showers were out. I tried dry shampoo one day. (did not work) and then I found a way to wash my hair in the bath tub, just using my right arm.
The first thing I did yesturday after returning from the doctor was to shower. I have never appreciated a shower so much my life.
I see marked improvement in my finger today. It looks like the oral antibiotics will be fine to finish this off.
The boys went out front and played today.
Liam picked out this ensemble all by himself. No help from mom.

Christian is now training wheel free.

We went to Old Navy today and each boy picked out a t-shirt. This was the shirt Liam picked. He chose it because he liked the shark. I did not even look at the writing until late tonight. I think he might be wearing this everyday. We now have a warning. We just need a signed release from parents when their kids play with him and we should be covered legally.

Since we haven't camped enough this summer, the boys wanted another night in a tent. This time in our living room.

I did this layout with Jannylyn Brokken & Lleilla's kit Sweet September from Funky Playground Design's Teacher's Pet #4.

I used Quirky Street Kit and Tracey's Monsters by Tracey Monette for this.


Sara E said...

I'm glad you are feeling better... and congrats on getting rid of the training wheels... I bet that is so exciting for him

Melissa said...

Great layouts, glad you're fingers' better, noshowers would have been hard. I hear you on the bath too, we moved this year to a house with no bath and a shower at night is just not the same. Love the T-shirt too, we might need one round here - LOL.

Bev said...

Glad your finger is feeling better! love the t-shirt that is cute! looks like you had fun last night!

Leigh said...

I love your lo's! Glad you finally got a shower! I'm sure it was a relief!

RefreshMom said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend. Isn't it funny how such a small injury on such a small part of the body can cause so much overall trouble?! (hmmm...there's something biblical sounding about that!) Congrats to Christian on the two-wheel milestone. He'll be keeping up on his own on your bike rides before you know it! (Liam looks like he's ready to head off to school!)

Kelsey S said...

Wow your LO is just amazing!