Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bridge Pedal and Olympic thoughts

I did my first Bridge Pedal today. It was a 14 mile - 6 Bridge Ride. I was a little nervous about going up the two highest bridges. The first tall bridge we crossed was the Marquim. The hill going up there was not bad at all. It was fun riding on the highway. The desent off the bridge was steep. There were not a lot of people around so I could get some good speed. The Fremont bridge which was our last bridge was a challenge, but I have been up much bigger hills. It was very crowded getting up and people were hoping off their bikes to walk them and not moving over fast enough. That was the hardest part. I had to take one little break on that hill, but other then that I was able to go without breaks.
I also rode to and from downtown so all together it was about a 25 mile ride.
We are talking about putting in a second bathroom and when we do, I want to install a Japanese ofuro (bath). I wish we had one today.
Here is a photo of our group. My store manager Dan, Tess an co-worker, her parents - Liz & Jerry and Audrey a customer who we all know well.

I have been watching sycronized diving and gymnastics tonight. Both sports and amazing to watch.
The Visa commercials featuring Morgan Freedman are just stunning. I wish that level of artistry went in to contemporary film making.
Speaking of film making. They were filming an Indie film outside the studio when I arrived at ballet yesturday. I asked if it was okay to park my bike on the rack, which was where they were filming and they said yes, it would add to the mood. So, my bike might have a cameo appearance in an Indie film. I was an extra in a made for cable tv movie in college. My shoulder could be seen in the final cut of the film.

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RefreshMom said...

Welcome back! (I wasn't sure when you'd be back so I missed your re-entry.) Your trip sounds great. We haven't had a vacation this year, so I'm a bit envious of any trip.

Hubs and I did the Bridge Pedal once; it was fun. I wimped out though and we rode a rented tandom--it's a lot more fun going up those hills when it's not just your own pedal power. It is great to be able to slow down and see the view from those bridges you just speed over all the time.

(I put some Olympic thoughts on my blog for the "Speak Up Weekend" feature this week. Stop by if you want to add to the discussion!)