Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Olympic thoughts & Bridge Pedal

We watched fencing, swimming, biking and beach volleyball today. I know that there are very few people who began their sports careers at age 39, but when I watch the Olympics, I think about what sports would be good for me. I like any sport that involves a lot of yelling or screaming. I tend to over-react and scream a lot, so if I could utilize that skill in conjuction with excercise, it would be good. I noticed there was a lot of screaming with the fencing. (When I say scream, it's more of a shock scream, not scream at people, i.e., I spill coffee at work and I scream).
I think any sport that involves wearing a sports bra and bottoms that look like panties is not a good match for me, so that takes beach volley ball off the table. I think my main volley ball move - the duck and cover is not something that coaches are looking for in their athletes.
I am always saying I want to take up lap swimming, but it has not happened yet. When I do lap swim, I am so slow it is pathetic. If they ever have a floating event I might have a chance. I am a great floater.
When they were discussing the bicycle race they mentioned that the athletes would climb 12,000 feet during the course of the race. I am going to say no to that. I would be a wonderful ride around the Great Wall of China, but after hearing about those hills, maybe not.
I am less than 12 hours from the Bridge Pedal. I am trying to figure out how to get my camera there, so I can get some pics of our group before and after. I will blog tommorow night with a re-cap.
Here is the layout I did while watching the Olympics tonight.

Credits: August Grab Bag & Seascape by Lindsay Jane Designs

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Stacey said...

LOL, I just love your athletic commentary!