Friday, August 1, 2008

Just one more day

We have just one more swimming lesson this afternoon and we are done. (Whew) This session has been exhausting since Liam is still learning how to behave in a class setting and there was a lot of drama, but just having to go to lessons everyday for two weeks is even more exhausting. After today we have our life back.
Some families do several sessions of swim lessons during the summer. I cannot even imagine. Christian passed his class and will be an Otter next time he takes lessons. Liam still has a ways to go. He is almost swimming on his own. We plan to take him swimming for open swim a lot during the fall and he should start swimming soon.
I bought a scanner yesturday! I have not hooked it up yet. We really don't have room for it in our bedroom, so I need to get creative. The computer desk has this slide out section for the old time printers, I might be able to put it down there.
The scanner can scan slides and negatives as well as photos. I lost all my actual pictures from Japan on a move, but I still have the negatives. I have been slowly taking them to Costco and buring them to CD. I will pay the the scanner by just finishing scanning those in on my own. I also have all my parents slides and old family photos and I want to get them all scanned in.
I also went grocery shopping yesturday and picked up a 18 pack of eggs. Well, our chickens have laid eggs every day for the last three days. It looks like they are done molting. If I did not buy eggs, they probably would not lay. We will be eating a lot of dutch babies.
Here is a layout I did last night. Credits: North Americana by Tracey Monette & Tracy King


Cassandra said...

Beautiful blog! My little one just got in the water recently. Too young for lessons yet though. Sweet LO.

AfriDigiDiva said...

I've fome to realize that you never get your life back. Even when they're grown.

ChrissyW said...

hey there!!! thanks for stopping by my blog - and i love that layout you made!!!