Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I hate needles

I hate needles, they freak me out and knowing that one is sitting in my arm right now makes me kind of dizzy and woozy. Giving myself IVs is such a stretch for me. The first dose I did on my own was last night. The boys were awake. Christian hid in our room and listened to an audiobook and wanted to see nothing. Liam was playing with trains and did not want to go to the room. He was focused, so I decided to go ahead. He played with the trains and only asked for water once.
He was so cute and sweet that it was a blessing. I was not feeling very good while I was shooting up and used Liam as a focus point so I did not think about the fact that I was pumping things into my veins.
My meeting with the home infusion nurse was amusing. The song Allergies by Bare Naked Ladies came to mind. We spent quite a bit of time listing all meds I am taking. 90% are allergy related, after we finished with that we moved on to my many drug allergies.
On a different note, Linday Jane designs has a great new kit, Pool Party available at Scrapbook-Bytes

Leslie Bodah at Elemental Scraps has a template set...The Button Maker

I used it to make my first piece of flair starring my cat Luna

Here is a layout from fishing this weekend

Credits: Template Gotcha cornered by Chrissy W. Kit: For the Boys Elemental Scraps August Collab Kit


ChrissyW said...

oh WOW!!!love that layout - well DONE!!

SarahB said...

Hope you are soon feeling better!

Beautiful layout!

jaye said...

Layout looks great! Love your flair button. Best of luck in getting that infection cleared up as soon as possible.

Michelle said...

Darling layout. . .so sorry about your sore finger and the IV's that sounds like nasty stuff . .but thankgoodness we have stuff like that to fight off infection!

Lara´s Digi World said...

Love your header on your blog. Get well soon!

RefreshMom said...

I can't imagine doing that at home for several days! Did you ever tell what you did to get such a nasty infection to begin with?