Sunday, August 3, 2008

Outdoor Adventure Genre Books

There is a genre of books that I have found myself reading a lot lately. Outdoor Adventure Stores. In the last several months I have read Into the Wild by Jack Krakauer, Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortonsen and I am currently reading The Other by Daivd Guterson.
All three of the books share stories of long hikes and outings in primative territory, mountain climbing and eating shrubs.
I find these books fasinating and love reading the stories but I have to say that the closest I hope to come to these adventures is sitting in a warm, comfortable place while drinking three cups of tea.
I think that it is intresting reading In to the wild and Three Cups of Tea close together. They both start with young men looking for adventure, but the end is such different places. One person, who is embraced in a myoptic, selfish aestheticism (though we all were myoptic and selfish in our early 20's) ends up dead in a bus in Alaska and the other person turns a climbing mishap and getting loss into a chance to make such an incredible impact on the lives of young people in Pakistan and Afganistan by building schools in the poorest, most remote places.
These books are so fasinating to read, but I have to admit that I don't get inspired to have a wild outdoor adventure. Going to a city park is outdoorsy enough for me.
We are heading out to the wild this week to the Oregon Coast to stay in yurts and two different state parks. The boys are so excited. They are already piling things they want to take in the living room. I showed them pictures of the first park we are going to and when Liam saw the beach pictures, he said he was going to play with his Bob the Builder toys on that beach and then went outside and started putting them in a pile.
Here is a layout I did yesturday. Credits: Template by Chrissy W. from her Blog Challenge #2. Kit: Sea Breeze by Little Miss Liz and Becki Kress.


Stacey said...

Fabulous layout!!! Great info on books....I need to get back into reading and not just perusing magazines!!!!

Deb said...

Those books sound really interesting. I love curling up with a good book for hours on end! Love your layout too, it is so cute!

lorig said...

Have fun on your wild adventure at the park. Thanks for the info on the books.

Lena said...

I haven't read those but I have read that author...I read Under The Banner of Heaven last year...that was very heavy reading!

Love your adorable layout :)