Monday, August 18, 2008

weekend on the mountain

We went camping at a site on the base of Mt. Hood this weekend. It was very hot down in Portland and it was not much cooler up there. They had an indoor pool at the site, so the boys went swimming.

We spent the evening playing at the campsite. We made peach sorbet in the ice cream ball and cut up a watermelon to eat and stay cool.

We went up to Timberline lodge on Sunday. I think this is the only place with summer skiing in the US. We could not play in the snow much because this is the end of the ski run. It is the bottom od a glacier. It is snowing about 1000 feet up from this spot this morning.

The boys on the back patio of Timberline lodge

We went to a trout farm and the boys fished for the first time. We caught four, grilled two last night and froze two. Christian would not eat it but Liam ate a bit and liked it. They have been asking to go fishing for a while. This is easy with quick results since it is from trout ponds. Christian wants to go Salmon fishing, but I don't know if they are patient enough.

Here is a layout I did od Liam eating his watermelon Saturday night.

Credits: Fruit Medley - a collab kit by Wendy Page and Lindsay Jane

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AfriDigiDiva said...

Wow! You always take the best photos! I would love to see mountains right now.