Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Calorie Count

I am watching swimming on the Olympics right now. I have a confession. When I watch events like swimming, I sit and calculate how many calories I would burn if I did the activity. I always have a renewed interest in lap swimming after the Olympics.
Speaking of Calorie count. I love the McDonalds Commercial with all of the athletes acting like they are going to eat the new Country Chicken Sandwich. The gymnast is the most funny. If she even took a bite (which she does not), her coach would be standing off screen telling her to spit it back out and giving her a celery stick if she was really good.
We have an apple tree in our back yard and there is also one down the street. The property where the tree sits is now a rental with some young men from Reed College living there. I have thought about going to down to collect apples in the past, but since I knew that the chickens would eat the apples now matter what, I decided to go get them today. The boys grabbed buckets and we walked down and they filled thier buckets with apples. (only on the sidewalk and street). We gave all of the smashed and rotten ones to the chickens then I cut up the rest and baked an apple pie. Those apples are so delicious. Since we picked them up out of the hot sun, they smelled like apple pie when I was still cutting them.
Liam said he wanted to sleep on his floor today. I said he could sleep where he wants. Christian came in a couple of hours ago and said Liam passed out on the floor and fell asleep. I just went and checked on him. He has a pillow and blankets. He did not just drop and fall asleep. He set up a bed first. I am glad he enjoys sleeping on the floor since we are going camping the weekend. This time we are having our maiden voyage in our new tent.
My new Ikea catalog came yesturday and and found this great item. We will be making an Ikea run soon to pick this up. We will grab some meat balls as well.

Laptop Support
I did my layout of our second day at the beach....

Credits: Get em Scrapped by Chrissy W., Breakable Glass Alpha by Leslie Bodah & Sea Breeze by Little Miss Liz & Becki Kress

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RefreshMom said...

I'm actually asking for a laptop support thing for my birthday. Target has one with a hole in the center that's supposed to keep it from overheating. And since I have had NOTHING but trouble with my laptop in the last year (replaced a motherboard and a hard drive) due in part to overheating, I'm all for anything that will help with that.

Bug went through a phase of sleeping on the floor too. It was funny because he'd get as many pillows as he could and lay on one of them and cover himself with the rest. I've got photos with him completely buried except for a hand sticking out. Considering he started that when he was only 3, it always made me nervous that he was going to suffocate! I'd go in and make sure he had breathing room around his face at least.