Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

The boys and I went to see Kung Fu Panda yesturday. Jackie Chan worked on the movie, so I guess it is an intro movie for kids to that style movie to get them addicted and they can grow up and watch the large selection of martial arts films. I have seen many of them since David loves them.
Liam was scared of several parts, but Christian really enjoyed it. I just have to keep them from doing too much Kung Fu around the house.
We stopped by Trader Joes after the movie to pick a few things and I asked Liam if he was a Kung Fu Panda and He said, "No, I am a Kung Fu chipmunk", Christian said he was a Kung Fu scorpion.
I liked that the master used good Chinese food to motivate the Kung Fu Panda to train. I think this would be a good method with me. If someone would have a plate of Dim Sum delights that they held out of a car window, while they drove in front of me while I go running, I know I would break new barriers.
I also have joked that someone should ride behind me with a Starbucks timer beeping non-stop since I would want to flee it at all costs.
Here is a layout I did using Pool Party by Lindsay Jane Designs

Lindsay Jane has a new kit...Art 101. This is the next kit I will work with. It is available at Scrapbook-Bytes


Thena said...

We went to see that movie! It was cute. Hubby and I had free tickets or we probably would have waited for the video. It was a fun outing.
Love your pages. What a cute fammily you have.

erica922 said...

beautiful blog header and pages tfs

Edeline Designs said...

i love kungfu panda.. and my DS too he loves panda's big stomach.. LOL

Cyndy said...

I want to see that movie! I enjoyed your blog!

Laura said...

That art kit is too cute! And you totally made me hungry for chinese food!