Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today we went to a barbeque/graduation for Christian. He is graduating from preschool-Sunday school to Kindgarten-Sunday school. His teacher has an above ground swimming pool so all the kids went swimming. Liam did not last too long, since it was a cool day. He got out and was shaking. Warm, dry clothes and some potoato chips warmed him right up. Christian stayed in quite a while longer and had fun with his friends.

When we got home Liam wanted to play with Mr. Potato Head so I negoiated with him that if he picked up his shoes and put them away, he could play with it. After playing for a while both boys came back to our room wearing the Mr. Potato head glasses.

I found a recipe site that looks really good. It has the Basic nutritional info for each recipe which is helpful. Tommorow, I think I will make Kimchi Jiggae which is a Korean stew.
We start our homeschooling this week. I have a dry erase calendar and I helped Christian write in the days of the month today. His favorite activites are reading and math. We just have to work on the writing. If he is hoping to be a doctor, he is on the right track with is hand writing. Regretfully, he did not enjoy being in the same room as me when I had part of my finger nail removed. He sat in the corner yelling "I am not watching that, it is disgusting" over and over.
David found shark videos and youtube and showed them to the boys, so they were begging for them all day. Christian is going through a shark phase. He spends a lot of time trying read his books about sharks. Liam even made a comment about wanting to see a whale shark today.


Juliana said...

Your observation that "his handwriting is on track if he wants to be a doctor" made me chuckle!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Thena said...

I'm back! Love visiting your family via your blog.


Dee Bibb said...

I love hearing about your family!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Michelle -

Wow, you are one BUSY mom! Whats your secret? Got Vitamins? LOL!

Your layouts are gorgeous, thx for sharing.

The food, Michelle the fooooood - I was HOPING for a photo. Do you know much about noodles, in general? I just had a Chinese friend give us some, and I don't quite know how to use them! They are called rice STICKS and are like in sections 2 inches tall and about 1/2 inch wide? Ever heard of them? I could not completely understand our friend's instructions, her english is very broken. Help! I can send you a photo if that would help?

You have a beautiful young family, thanks for allowing us to peek into your life. I enjoy coming to visit!